Next Tech Meeting
Tues, Jul 11th
The Perl Conference 2017 Review : Lightning Talk Dim Sum ( from TPC / YAPC::NA)
MIT E51-376 starting 7.30 (but there 7-ish)

Attendees will select Lightning Talks from The Perl Conference 2017 playlist. We can't play all 29 of them unless we 'gong' more than half quickly after starting, but at 6 minutes each, we can get through a dozen (unless we choose to discuss and experiment between).

Samples from among the 29 six-minute choices available -

* "Emulating Any API"
* "Perl 6 Str Considered Harmful"
* "Administering Slack Contests with Perl"
* "In Response to D. Conway's Test::Expr"
* "A Personalized Calendar in Perl"
* "Why Google's Dart should be your next programming language"
* "Hacking the Interviewing Process"

Bill will be our VJ, but the audience will lead.


Boilerplate --

Tech Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at MIT building E51, Sloan School Tang Center [not the other Tang building!] nearer to Kendall Sq than Mass Ave. (directions).   Talk begins at 7:30.   Refreshments in the hallway prior.   RSVP for count encouraged but not required, to or Boston-PM list, by 4pm Tuesday.

*** Parking Alert. ***

Recent changes in MIT Parking Dept web pages (parking , visitors, public ) no longer allow un-permitted parking after-hours. (This is a natural response to several other East Campus parking lots being eaten by new building sites for campus expansion.) Only legit parking is Cambridge meters (late hours!) and paid lot/garages.

Also, construction detour is even longer than last time if driving, Wadsworth to/from Mem Drive & Amherst St to Amess both closed, only access by car is Wadsworth to/from Main St east-bound.

Come by Train, Bus, Bicycle, or Foot if you can!   (Parking at MBTA Garages are convenient to T and not overpriced, unlike most in-town garages.)

Further details on Parking, see

( Anyone with ideas for sites with safe gratis parking _and_ good MBTA access, let me know ! )
Bill Ricker