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NUCare and PHI Seminar Series
Mondays from 12:00 to 1:00 PM

Computational epidemiology does more than forecast

Alessandro Vespignani, PhD
Sternberg Family Distinguished University Professor
Department of Physics, College of Science
College of Computer and Information Science
Bouvé College of Health Science
Monday, November 30, 2015
12:00-1:00 pm
415 Shillman Hall

Recent years have witnessed the development of data driven models of infectious diseases rooted in the combination of large-scale data mining techniques, computational approaches and mathematical modeling. Although these models are increasingly used to support public-health decisions they are often under debate by only considering their value as forecasting tools.

Here I will discuss, by using specific modeling examples of the H1N1 pandemic and the West Africa Ebola epidemic, how computational models can be used in real time to provide situational awareness, intervention planning and projections, and the identification of factors that fundamentally influence the course of an outbreak.

Prof. Vespignani's research activity focuses on the interdisciplinary application of statistical and numerical simulation methods in the study of biological, social and technological networks. Vespignani has interdisciplinary appointments in the College of Computer and Information Science, College of Science and the Bouvé College of Health Sciences. Prior to joining NU, he was J.H. Rudy Professor of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University and serving as the Director of the Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research and the Associate Director of the Pervasive Technology Institute (2004-2011). Prof. Vespignani is serving in the editorial board of several journals and is editor in Chief of EPJ Data Science (Springer). He is president elected of the Complex Systems Society, and in the board of the Institute for Scientific Interchange Foundation. Vespignani is an elected fellow of the American Physical Society, elected member of the Academy of Europe, and fellow of the Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences at Harvard University.

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