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*Dr. Mingjiang Zhong*
Assistant Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering
Yale University

*Engineering Functional Defects in Precisely Synthesized Macromolecules*

The development of living polymerization techniques enables the synthesis of polymers with controlled molecular weight, chain length distribution, topology, composition, and functionality. However, the challenge of making living polymerizations environmentally and biologically friendly while reaching even higher levels of precision still remains critical to advances in polymer chemistry. The first part of this seminar introduces several solutions to these problems and describes the employment of these developed techniques to prepare polymer precursors for multi-functional nanocarbon materials.

The second part presents an interdisciplinary approach to quantitatively characterizing various structural defects in polymers of different dimensions. These generally undesirable defects are then synthesized in a controlled way and utilized in a functional manner.

*/Wednesday, June 1, 2016/*
*/5:30 p.m. ? 7:00 p.m./*
*/2nd floor Maxwell Dworkin Lounge/*
*/Pizzas start at 5:20 p.m./*