1. Harvard Museums of Science and Culture

  2. Harvard Semitic Museum    Calendar

  3. Mineralogical Museum at Harvard University

  4. Center for the History of Medicine    Warren Anatomical Museum

  5. MIT Museum    Calendar

  6. Harvard Forest    Fisher Museum

  7. Arnold Arboretum     Events*

  8. Harvard Museum of Natural History    Upcoming Events*

  9. Peabody Museum    Events

  10. Herbaria    Seminar Series*

  11. Museum of Comparative Zoology

  12. Museum of Printing   Events

  13. MIT   Calendar

  14. School of Science

  15. Biology   Calendar   Colloquia

  16. Brain and Cognitive Sciences   Calendar of Events

  17. Picower Institute   Calendar of Events

  18. McGovern Institute   Calendar

  19. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory   Events*   

       Biomedical Imaging and Analysis Seminars   Bioinformatics Seminar  

            Brains and Machines Seminars   Cambridge Machine Learning Colloquium and Seminar Series

  20. Linguistics   Events   Colloquia

  21. Chemistry   News & Events   Events Calendar   Biological Chemistry Seminar Series

  22. Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences   EAPS Events*   Departmental Lecture Series

  23. Haystack Observatory   Public Outreach Activities

  24. Center for Global Change Science

  25. Energy Initiative   News & Events

  26. Physics   Colloquia    Astrophysics Colloquia

  27. Center for Theoretical Physics

  28. Plasma Science & Fusion Center   Seminars

  29. School of Engineering

  30. Engineering Systems Division   Events

  31. AgeLab   News & Events

  32. Aero/Astro Dept.   Calendar

  33. Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research   Calendar*   Education and Public Outreach

  34. Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
  35. Biological Engineering Dept.   Calendar*

  36. Chemical Engineering Dept.   Events

  37. Civil and Environmental Engineering   Events   Hydrology Seminar

  38. Building Technology Program

  39. MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics   MIT Transportation Club   Seminar Series

  40. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science   Calendar*

  41. Center for Computational Engineering   Events*

  42. Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems   Calendar

  43. Research Lab for Electronics   Events   Nanotechnology Public Lecture Series

  44. MIT/MTL Center for Graphene Devices and Systems

    Center for Extreme Quantum Information Theory   Events

  45. Computation for Design and Optimization   Calendar

  46. Materials Science and Engineering   News   Events

  47. Materials Processing Center  

  48. Man Vehicle Lab   News

  49. Science on Saturday*

  50. Center for Materials Science and Engineering

  51. The Materials Research Society   Seminars

  52. eni-MIT Solar Frontiers Center

  53. Micro/NanoTechnology Seminar
  54. Mechanical Engineering   Calendar  

               Modeling, Experimentation, Computation (MMEC) Seminar

               Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity Seminar

  55. Nuclear Science and Engineering

  56. Strategic Engineering Research Group

  57. The Center for Collective Intelligence   Events

  58. Intelligence Initiative   News & Events

  59. The Center for Biological & Computational Learning   CBCL Events

  60. Perceptual Sciences Group  

  61. Sloan School   Calendar

  62. Simons Center for the Social Brain   Autism Consortium   Colloquia

  63. School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences   Calendar

  64. Program in Science, Technology, and Society   News   Calendar

  65. Program on Emerging Technologies   Events

  66. Legatum Center   Events

  67. Dept. of Economics   Events and Seminars

  68. International Science and Technology Initiatives   Events

  69. Comparative Media Studies   Events

  70. Speech Communication Group   Seminars

  71. Engineering Systems Division   Events

  72. MIT Security Studies Program   Seminars & Lectures

  73. Industrial Liason Program   Calendar*    Conferences

  74. Quantum Information Science Seminars
  75. Sidney Pacific Graduate Community   Committee on Scholarly Interactions

  76. Center for International Studies   Calendar

  77. MIT Energy Club   Calendar*

  78. Whitehead Institute   Biology Week*

  79. Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology   Calendar

  80. Lincoln Lab

  81. MIT Media Lab   Events*

  82. GAMBIT*   Featured Games    Prototypes

  83. Center for Environmental Health Sciences   Friday Forum Seminars*

  84. Molecular Frontiers   Events

  85. Lemelson-MIT Program

  86. Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation

  87. MIT Program in Women's & Gender Studies   Events

  88. Knight Science Journalism Fellowships   Seminars*

  89. radius

  90. MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge   Calendar*

  91. MIT Flea Market

  92. MIT Press

  93. Broad Institute

  94. Harvard Univ

    Gazette     HarvardScience      Research Programs

  95. Harvard Medical

  96. Harvard University Extension     News    Alumni Association

  97. Graduate School of Arts and Sciences   Alumni Events

  98. Graduate Women in Science and Engineering   Events

  99. Dept. of Anthropology     Events*

  100. Dept. of Astronomy     Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics     Calendar*

  101. Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology   Seminars

  102. Dept. of Physics   Monthly Calendar

  103. Dept. of Earth and Planetary Physics   Events   Solid Earth Physics Seminars

  104. Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics   Climate Seminars

  105. Origins of Life   News & Events*

  106. Lifesciences Undergraduate Education*

  107. Squishy Physics Seminar Series

  108. Center for Geographic Analysis   Calendar*

  109. Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Biology   Calendar

  110. Microbial Sciences Initiative   Events*

  111. FAS Center for Systems Biology

  112. Program for Evolutionary Dynamics   Events*

  113. Dept. of Psychology   Calendar   CBBR Seminar

  114. Dept. of Statistics

  115. Dept. of Linguistics   Calendar

  116. Center for Brain Science   Seminars*

  117. Schepens Eye Research Institute    Events and Seminars

  118. Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  119. The Lab
  120. Harvard Innovation Lab    Events
  121. Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  122. Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering   Events*

  123. Center for Research on Computation and Society   Seminars

  124. Institute for Applied Computational Science

  125. Digital Humanities Cafe

  126. Dept. of the History of Science   Colloquia

  127. Dept. of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology   Seminars*

  128. Harvard Stem Cell Institute   Events*

  129. The Mind/Brain/Behavior Interfaculty Initiative   News & Events*

  130. Conte Center   Events

  131. Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

  132. Institute for Theory and Computation (ITC) Colloquia
  133. The Digital Humanities Initiative

  134. Harvard Energy Journal Club

  135. Harvard Center for the Environment    Calendar    Event List*

  136. John F. Kennedy School    Events

  137. Belfour Center for Science and International Affairs    Events

  138. Berkman Center for Internet and Society    Events

  139. The Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics    Workshops

  140. Real Colegio Complutense    Programs & Seminars

  141. Institute for Learning in Retirement    News and Events

  142. Alumni Affairs & Development    Event Calendar

  143. Harvard University Press

  144. Harvard Journal of Law and Technology

  145. Harvard Medical School

  146. Dept of Genetics    Events*

  147. Neuroscience@Harvard    News & Events   Seminars*

  148. Countway Library    Events

  149. Dept. of Health Care Policy    Events

  150. Dept. of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics    Events

  151. Division of AIDS    Calendar

  152. Osher Center for Integrative Medicine    Events and Presentations

  153. Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center

  154. Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center    Colloquium Series

  155. PASTEUR    Clinical Champions Series    Events

  156. The Center for Engineering in Medicine    Seminar Series

  157. Harvard School of Public Health    Calendar

  158. Infectious Disease Epidemiology at HSPH

  159. Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics    Events

  160. Molecular and Integrative Physiological Sciences    Seminars

  161. Injury Control Research Center    Seminar Series

  162. Program on the Global Demography of Aging    Seminars

  163. Initiative for Global Health    Events

  164. BIDMC    Medical Ground Rounds

  165. Judge Baker Children's Center    Events    Child Mental Health Forum

  166. Partners Harvard Medical International

  167. Science in the News    seminars

  168. Harvard College

  169. Radcliffe Institute    Calendar

  170. Harvard Divinity School    News and Events

  171. Evolution and Theology of Cooperation    Events

  172. Harvard Club    Calendar

  173. MIT Club    Events

  174. MIT Alumni Association    Calendar

  175. Harvard Alumni Association    Events Calendar

  176. University of Massachusetts Club

  177. Tufts Univ    Tufts Now Health & Science

  178. Physics and Astronomy Dept.    Events

  179. Tufts Institute of Cosmology    Joint Seminars    Tufts Seminars

  180. Tufts Chemistry Dept.    Seminars

  181. Tufts Biology Dept.    Seminar Series*

  182. School of Graduate Biochemical Sciences    Upcoming Events   

  183. Immunology Program    Seminars

  184. School of Engineering    Events*    Draper Seminar Series

  185. Biomedical Engineering Dept.    Seminars

  186. Chemical and Biological Engineering Dept.    Seminars

  187. Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept.    News & Events

  188. Computer Science Dept.    Colloquia

  189. Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.    Colloquia

  190. Mechanical Engineering Dept.    Calendar & News    Seminar Series

  191. Water: Systems, Science, and Society    Events

  192. School of Arts and Sciences

  193. Tufts Psychology Dept.    Events

  194. Center for Cognitive Studies    Lectures*

  195. Center for Reading and Language Research

  196. Tufts Economics Dept.    Events

    Energy and Climate Forum

  197. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Research Group    Seminar Series

  198. Tufts Physiology Dept.    Calendars

  199. School of Nutrition    News & Events    Events

  200. Center for Engineering Education & Outreach    Events   Seminars

  201. Clinical and Translation Science Institute    Calendar   Non Tufts persons interested in attending events sponsored by the Institute should email

  202. Boston University

  203. Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

  204. College of Engineering    Events and Seminars

  205. Dept. of Biomedical Engineering    News and Events

  206. Center for Memory and Brain    Details*

  207. Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering    Calendar*

  208. Computer Science    Calendar

  209. Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering    Calendar

  210. CompNet    Events

  211. Dept. of Mechanical Engineering    Calendar

  212. College of Arts and Sciences

  213. Center for Philosophy and History of Science    Colloquium for Philosophy of Science

  214. Dept. of Earth Sciences    Calendar

  215. Physics Dept.    Colloquia

  216. Psychology Dept.    Brain, Behavior and Cognition Colloquium Series

  217. Astronomy Dept.    Seminars*

  218. Biology Dept.    Calendar

  219. Center for Space Physics    Seminars

  220. Institute for Astrophysical Research    Seminars & Events

  221. Coit Observatory    Public Nights

  222. Neuroscience at Boston University    Calendar

  223. Graduate Program for Neuroscience    Calendar*
  224. Hearing Research Center    Seminars  

  225. Natural Sounds and Neural Coding Lab    Calendar

  226. Center for Excellence for Learning in Education, Science, and Technology   Colloquia

  227. Center for Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology    Events    Seminars

  228. Center for Ecology and Conservation Biology    EBE Seminars

  229. Center for Biodynamics    News & Events

  230. The Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future    News & Events

  231. History of Science Discussions

  232. BU Medical Campus    Calendar

  233. Wentworth Institute

  234. UMass Boston    Calendar

  235. College of Science and Mathematics

  236. Talks in Cognitive Science

  237. Northeastern University    calendar

  238. College of Arts and Sciences

  239. Minds Over Matters: NUterm Faculty Speaker Series

  240. Dept of Physics    Colloquia & Seminars

  241. The EntreTech Forum

  242. School of Social Science, Urban Affairs, and Public Policy    Events

  243. Nanotechnology and Society Research Group

  244. Marine Science Center

  245. The Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis    Events

  246. The Biotechnology Initiative

  247. School of Nursing   Seminar Series

  248. Personal Health Informatics

  249. Game Design    News & Events

  250. Suffolk University    Calendar    Calendar

  251. Brandeis University    Campus Calendar    Science at Brandeis    GSAS    Science at Brandeis Start Page

  252. Physics    Colloquia

  253. Chemistry    Calendar

  254. Psychology    Colloquia

  255. Life Sciences    Seminars    More Seminars

  256. Cafe Science   Schedule

  257. Wellesley College    Events

  258. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  259. Bioengineering Institute    Symposia

  260. Interactive Media and Game Development

  261. Emmanuel College    Events

  262. Emerson College    News and Events

  263. Wheelock College

  264. Massachusetts College of Art and Design    Events

  265. Dynamic Media Institute

  266. Boston College    Calendar

  267. College of Arts and Sciences

  268. Physics    Colloquia and Seminars

  269. Weston Observatory    Colloquium Series*

  270. Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics    News and Events

  271. Lesley University

  272. Olin College of Engineering

  273. Babson College

  274. Clay Center for Science and Technology

  275. Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory    Events*

  276. Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

  277. Massachusetts Technology Collaborative

  278. John Adams Innovation Institute

  279. New England College of Optometry   Events   Light InSight Lecture Series

  280. Boston Area Neuroscience Talks

  281. Council for Systems Biology in Boston    Events

  282. Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

  283. Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside    Events

  284. Children's Hospital    Calendar

  285. Emerson Hospital    Lectures and Events

  286. Cambridge Memorial Hospital    Upcoming Events

  287. Mount Auburn Hospital    Calendar of Events    Thursday Morning Talks

  288. Shriner's Hospital

  289. Massachusetts General Hospital    Events    Russell Museum Lectures Schedule

  290. The Mood & Anxiety Disorders Institute

  291. Cardiovascular Research Center    Events

  292. Massachusetts Alzheimer's Disease Research Center

  293. Center for Biomedical Imaging    Brain Mapping Seminar

  294. Center for Law, Brain & Behavior   Events

  295. Brigham and Women's Hospital    Health Events   Genetics Events

           Seminars in Molecular and Genomic Medicine*

  296. Visual Attention Lab    Seminar series

  297. Kessler Health Education Library

  298. Newton-Wellesley Hospital    Calendar

  299. Dana-Farber Institute    DF/HCC Calendar*

  300. Center for Cancer Systems Biology    Events

  301. Biostatics & Computational Biology

  302. McLean Hospital    Calendar*

  303. Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology    Events

  304. Boston Society of Neurology and Psychiatry    Meetings

  305. Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation of Greater Boston    Lectures

  306. Immune Disease Institute    Events and Seminars

  307. The Forsyth Institute

  308. Special Libraries Association

  309. Boston Biomedical Research Institute    News

  310. Massachusetts Biotechnology Council    Events

  311. Environmental Business Council of New England    Events

  312. Massachusetts Public Health Association

  313. State Laboratory Institute

  314. FIRST   News

  315. Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences

  316. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution    Calendar of Events

  317. J. Erik Jonsson Center of the National Academies    Upcoming Events

  318. Charles River Association for Memory

  319. Fresh Pond Research Institute

  320. COMSOL    Events

  321. The Clay Mathematics Institute    Events

  322. Boston-NeuroTalks Calendar 3.0*

  323. The IEEE Boston Section Tech Site    Calendar

  324. American Chemical Society, Northeast Section    Events

  325. Greater Boston Chapter ASM   

  326. Boston Computer Human Interface    Meetings

  327. American Society for Information Science,    New England Chapter

  328. Optical Society of America New England Section

  329. American Statistical Association   Boston Chapter    Schedule

  330. Nature Network - Boston    Events    Calendar

  331. American Academy of Arts and Sciences    Events

  332. Boston Biomedical Research Institute

  333. Mass-AWIS Chapter    Calendar of Events

  334. New England Complex Systems Institute    Upcoming events

  335. Boston Action Club

  336. Urban Ecology Institute

  337. Museum of Science    Public Events    Book Club

  338. Charles River Museum of Industry    Events

  339. New England Space Science Initiative in Education    Upcoming Events

  340. New England Aquarium    Lecture Series

  341. Massachusetts Association of Science Teachers

  342. British Consulate    Events

  343. Swiss House for Advanced Research and Education

  344. Goethe-Institut Boston

  345. The French Library    Events

  346. Stockholm Environment Institute   

  347. Japan Society of Boston

  348. Greek Institute    Events

  349. Boston Israel Cleantech Alliance

  350. Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories

  351. Watson Research Center -- Cambridge

  352. Nokia Research Center Cambridge    Events

  353. BBN Technologies    Section Overview    Events

  354. Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems

  355. Microsoft New England R & D Center   Events

  356. Harvard    Events

  357. Boston Events Insider

  358. MIT Press Bookstore    Events

  359. Harvard Coop   Upcoming Events

  360. Harvard Book Store    Events

  361. Porter Square Bookstore   

  362. Wellesley Booksmith    Events

  363. Brookline Booksmith    Ministry of Events

  364. Barnes and Noble at Boston University    Events

  365. Barnes & Noble@Emerson College

  366. Sierra Club, Massachusetts    Events

  367. New England Model Engineering Society

  368. Stereo New England

  369. Artisan's Asylum    calendar

  370. Science for the Public

  371. Inventors' Association of New England

  372. Boston International   Upcoming Events

  373. Boston DIYbio

  374. Catalyst Conversations

  375. Boston Linux & Unix

  376. Society for Risk Analysis - New England    Seminars & Events

  377. Audio Engineering Society,   Boston section

  378. hack/reduce    Calendar

  379. The Boston Mineral Club

  380. Boston Malacological Club    Calendar

  381. Micromounters of New England

  382. The Cambridge Entomological Club

  383. Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston   Calendar

  384. Waushakum Live Steamers   Events

  385. Reynolds Advanced Materials

  386. Boston Post Mortem

  387. Boston Audio Society

  388. Boston Aquarium Society

  389. Boston Area Solar Energy Association

  390. Action For Clean Energy, Inc.    Events

  391. Boston Skeptics

  392. CryptoParty

  393. TEDxBoston

  394. Boston Astronomy    Events

  395. Massachusetts Horticultural Society

  396. New England Botanical Club    Meetings*

  397. Emerald Necklace    Upcoming Events

  398. Boston Mycological Club

  399. New England Wild Flower Society    Calendar

  400. Northeastern Weed Science Society

  401. Massachusetts Butterfly Club

  402. Boston Natural Areas Network    Calendar


  404. Waterworks Museum

  405. Massachusetts Audubon Society   

    Boston Nature Center

    Blue Hills Trailside Museum

    Habitat Education Center and Wildlife Sanctuary

  406. Dept. of Fish and Game    News and Information

  407. Boston Park Advocates    Calendar

  408. Franklin Park Zoo    Program Calendar

  409. Boston Public Library

  410. Grow Native Massachusetts    Evenings with Experts

  411. Boston Athenaeum    Calendar

  412. Association of College and Research Libraries, New England Chapter    Information Technology Interest Group

  413. Pioneer Institute    Events

  414. New England Science Writers   

  415. Community Church of Boston

  416. First Church, Boston, Unitarian Universalist

  417. First Baptist Church, Cambridge, MA

  418. Coolidge Corner Theatre

  419. Boston Center for Adult Education

  420. Cambridge Center for Adult Education    Events

  421. Brookline Adult & Community Education    Special Events

  422. Ford Hall Forum    Programs

  423. Lowell Lectures

  424. WGBH Forum Network   

  425. Jamica Plain Forum

  426. Boston By Foot   Lecture Series

  427. Boston Harbor Association    Events

  428. Boston Urban Forest Council

* = sites especially worth checking