Selected Lectures on Science and Engineering
in the Boston Area

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The purpose of this list is to convey a sense of the driving issues in contemporary science and technology by showing what people are talking about, although from time to time I include events outside this focus -- such as Hackathons, DIY workshops, and events for young people.

It can be accessed in two ways: as a website and a mailing list.  The website carries events for the next month (roughly).  I add to it several times a week.  The mailing list goes out once a week, usually Sunday nights, and carries events for the next eight days.  You can subscribe here.  And unsubscribe here.

Caveats: The list is not remotely comprehensive and selection criteria are subjective.  I tend to include events that offer a physical speaker and accommodate physical attendance, though unusually interesting webinars might slip in.  Continuing or ongoing events and meetups with no special focus are not well handled.  Activity falls considerably over the summer and winter holidays.  Most critically:  This is a volatile landscape.  Many events are announced at the last minute.   (Some of these get posted to the website, but not many make the weekly mailing.)   It is common for dates and locales to change.   I strongly urge you to doublecheck the "Details" link before you head out, not that that guarantees anything.

Blue boxes represent events advertised as child-friendly; yellow boxes, multi-day events.  I occasionally link to the site of the speaker's lab.  Researchers often see these sites as their preferred medium of communication with the public and put a lot of work into them.  They can carry exceptionally well-posed statements of current issues.

If you see an event that you think I should know about but is not on the website please let me know.  Ditto if you know of a site I ought to be monitoring but does not appear on my list of sources.

I would appreciate your mentioning this list to people with compatible interests.

-- Fred Hapgood

Last update: 29.1201

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Selected Groups, Clubs, Societies, & Meetups
Selected New England Museums
DIY-focused organizations & resources

Tuesday, May 31

11a.  "Neurobiology of Narcolepsy."   Thomas Scammell.   McLean:  deMarneffe 132.   Details.

1 - 5p.  "Preparing Health Systems for an Aging Global Population Symposium."   HLS:  WCC 2019 Milstein West A, 1585 Massachusetts Ave.   Details.

Wednesday, June 1

8a.  "Cannabinoids: Curse or Cure?"   A forum.   MassBio, 300 Technology Square, 8th floor.   Details, Abstract, Registration.   This event will be live-streamed.

9 - 7p.  "Kendall Square Convergence 2016."   A showcase of life science innovations.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

1p.  "The Next Generation of Implicit Brain-Computer Interfaces: Enhancing User Learning and Creativity."   Beste Yuksel.   A thesis defense.   Tufts:  196 Boston Ave, 4th flr.   Details, Abstract.

3:30p.  "Pluripotent Stem Cell Modeling of Human Disease."   George J. Murphy.   HMS:  Goldenson 122.   Details.*

5:30p.  "Batsuits, Bike Frames and Boogie Boards: New Materials built from the Atom Up."   Kate Ziemer.   Northeastern:  105 Shillman Hall.   Details.

6:30p.  "Things I Think About: Fibers, Gangs, Bait & Meat."   Kit Parker.   Honeycomb, Le Laboratoire Cambridge, 650 East Kendall Street.   Details.

6:30p.  "Whose Fault is Obesity?"   Marriott Long Wharf Hotel, Harbor View Ballroom, 296 State Street.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Thursday, June 2

12:30p.  "Therapeutics Spring Symposium."   HMS:  Cannon Rm.   Details.*

6p.  "Radical Redesign of Health Care and Its Implications for Policy."   Don Berwick.   HLS:  Milstein East ABC, Wasserstein Hall.   Details.

7p.  "Beyond the Telescope: Surprises in the Outer Solar System."   Matthew Holman.   Museum of Science, Charles Hayden Planetarium.   Details.

7p.  "Theories, Things and Creatures."   Andrew Yang and Naomi Pierce.   MIT:  Bartos Theatre, 20 Ames St.   Details, RSVP.

7p.  "The Impact of Invasive Lionfish on Bermuda’s Marine Ecosystem."   Corey Eddy.   New England Aquarium:  Simons IMAX Theatre.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

June 4 - 5.  "Humanitarian TechFest 2016 East Coast."   Berkman Center for Internet and Society, 23 Everett St, 2nd floor.   Details, Registration.

June 4-5.   "National Day of Civic Hacking."   Features a CommonCamp unconference on Saturday and a HackLab on Sunday.   Locations TBA.   Details.

Saturday, June 4

9a.  "Rooftop WLAN, IoT, and the Doobie Brothers: What were once Vices are now Habits."   Kurt Keville.   MIT:  E51-315.   Details.

Monday, June 6

8:45 - 4p.  "COMSOL Multiphysics Boot Camp."   Residence Inn Boston Cambridge, Doc Edgerton Room, 120 Broadway, Six Cambridge Center.   Details, Registration.

June 7 - 9.  "Humanitarian Technology: Science, Systems, and Global Impacts."   A conference.   Revere Hotel, Boston Common.   Details, Abstracts, Registration.

Tuesday, June 7

1p.  "From Seed to Tree."   Arnold Arboretum:  Bonsau and Penjing Collection.   Details, Registration.

7p.  "Professional & Amateur Methods for Mineral Identification."   Harvard:  Geological Museum, Haller Hall.   Details.

June 8 - 10.  "Harvard Clinical Bioethics Course."   HMS.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Wednesday, June 8

9:30a.  "Resources for Emotion Regulations."   Heather Urry.   McLean Hospital:  115 Mill Hospital.   Details.

Noon.  "The Implications of 'Active Genetics'."   Ethan Bier.   HMS:  NRB 350.   Details.*

7p.  "Technology + Fashion: Projects for Tomorrow and Today."   Sputnikol.   Boston Museum of Fine Arts.   Details, Abstract.

Thursday, June 9

12:30p.  "Epigenetic and Metabolic Regulation of Aging."   Anne Brunet.   The Brunet Lab.   HMS:  Cannon Rm.   Details.

4p.  "Positive Psychological Functioning: An Enduring Asset for Healthy Aging."   Laura Kubzansky.   BWH:  Zinner Breakout Room, 70 Francis.   Details, Abstract.

6 - 9p.  "TEDx Cambridge."   Boston Opera House.   Details, Tickets.

6:30p.  "3D Modeling."   Robert Vignone.   Formlabs, 35 Medford Street, 3rd Floor, Somerville.   Details, Registration.

6:30p.  "modRNA."   Elissa Hobert.   BosLab, 229 Summer St, Somerville.   Details.

7p.  "Diagnosing Leviathan: Adventures of a Whale Veterinarian."   Rosalind M. Rolland, DVM, Director of Ocean Health, Senior Scientist.   New England Aquarium:  Simons IMAX Theatre.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

June 10 - 12.  "Hololens hackathon."   A Meetup.   Location TBA.   Details, Abstract.

Friday, June 10

10 - 7p.  "Technology, Design and Social Impact."   A conference.   Microsoft NERD, One Memorial Drive, Cambridge.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Noon.  "Neurobiology of Social Behavior Abnormalities and the Role of Gtf2i in the Etiology of Williams Syndrome."   Barak Boaz.   MIT:  46-6011.   Details, Abstract.

Saturday, June 11

9:30 - 4p.  "DayCon 2016: 'Bodies in Motion'."   A conference for the general public.   Harvard:  Maxwell Dworkin.   Details, Registration.

Monday, June 13

6:30p.  "Fires, Invasives, and Ticks, Oh My! Forecasting Ecology in a Changing World."   Michael Dietze.   The Burren, 247 Elm St, Somerville.   Details, Abstract.

6:30p.  "What Arctic Caves Reveal about Ancient Climate Cycles."   Jeremy Shakun.   Belmont Media Center, 9 Lexington St, Belmont.   Details, Abstract.

7p.  "Silent Sparks: The Wondrous World of Fireflies."   Sara M. Lewis.   Arnold Arboretum:  Hunnewell Bldg.   Details, Registration.

Tuesday, June 14

6:30p.  "What Arctic Caves Reveal about Ancient Climate Cycles."   Jeremy Shakun.   Belmont Media Center, 9 Lexington St, Belmont.   Details.

Wednesday, June 15

9 - 6p.  "Parkinson's Disease."   A symposium.   HMS:  NRB Amphitheater, 77 Ave Louis Pasteur.   Details, Registration.*

6:30p.  "Project Atomic."   Daniel Riek.   MIT:  E51-315.   Details.

Thursday, June 16

4p.  "Boston Techjam."   City Hall Plaza.   Details, Registration.

6 - 9p.  "Global Pitchfest 2016."   Details, Tickets. .

7p.  "Harvesting Fish for Aquariums: How Many Is Too Many?"   A forum.   New England Aquarium, Simons IMAX Theatre.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Monday, June 20

5 - 9p.  "Summer Solstice Celebration 2016."   Harvard Museums of Science and Culture.   Details.

June 21 - 22.  "COMSOL Multiphysics Intensive Training."   Training in a proprietary physics simulator.   COMSOL, Inc., 100 District Avenue, Burlington.   Details.

Tuesday, June 21

9 - 1p.   "Aligning Policy and People: Why the Time is Right to Transform Advanced Care."   A conference.   HLS:  Wasserstein Hall, Millstein East ABC (2036).   Details, Registration.

Wednesday, June 22

8 - 5:30p.  "Precision Medicine 2016: Rogue Therapeutics."   A conference.   HMS:  Joseph B. Martin Amphitheater, 77 Ave. Louis Pasteur.   Details, Registration.*

Thursday, June 23

6p.  "This is Your Brain on Sports."   A Tufts Athletics Alumni Networking Event and Presentation by Sam Sommers.   Tufts:  Alumnae Lounge, 40 Talbot Avenue.   Details.

Sunday, June 26

Noon - 4p.  "Building with Biology: Activities and Conversations About Synthetic Biology."   A discussion.   Museum of Science.   Details, Abstract, Tickets.

6 - 8p.  "Should We Engineer the Mosquito?"   A conversation.   Museum of Science.   Details.

Wednesday, June 29

6p.  "NVIDIA and DotProduct/WorldViz."   A demo.   Cambridge Innovation Center, Venture Cafe. nbsp; Details, Abstract, Tickets.

7p.  "Black Hole Blues and Other Songs from Outer Space."   Janna Levin.   Harvard Book Store, 1256 Massachusetts Ave.   Details, Abstract.

*Admission to buildings in Harvard's medical area often requires ID issued by a "Harvard Medical School Affiliate".  A list of these institutions can be consulted here.  Persons interested in events in the medical area that are not explicitly public, do not invite registration, have sponsors with whom they have no experience, and who are unsure if their ID will guarantee access, might want to email the person cited in the details page and ask.  Inquiries directed at the HMS Dept of Genetics should be emailed to (or call 617-432- 7666) at least one day before the event.  Inquiries pertaining to events at Harvard's New Research Building should be directed to Karen Barry at  Events in the medical area that do not carry an asterisk have announced explicitly that they are open to the general public.