Selected Lectures on Science and Engineering
in the Boston Area

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The main purpose of this list is to convey a sense of the driving issues in contemporary science and technology, although from time to time I include events of interest outside this focus -- such as Hackathons, DIY workshops, and events for young people.

It can be accessed in two ways: as a website and a mailing list.  The website carries events for the next month (roughly).  I add to it several times a week.  The mailing list goes out once a week, usually Sunday nights, and carries events for the next eight days.  You can subscribe to it here.  And unsubscribe here.

Caveats: The list is not remotely comprehensive and selection criteria are subjective.  I tend to include events that offer a physical speaker and accommodate physical attendance, though unusually interesting webinars might slip in.  Continuing or ongoing events (like exhibits or courses) and meetups with no special focus are not well handled.  Activity falls considerably over the summer and winter holidays.

Most critically:  This is a volatile landscape.  Many events are announced at the last minute.  (Some of these get posted to the website, but not many make the weekly mailing.)  Dates and locales change.  Speakers change their topic.  Errors are introduced at every stage of the process.   I correct those I find out about, which of course introduces yet another source of change.  I strongly urge you to doublecheck the "Details" link before you head out, not that that guarantees anything.

Blue boxes represent all events advertised as child-friendly; yellow boxes, multi-day events for adults.  I occasionally link to the site of the speaker's lab.  Researchers often see these sites as their preferred medium of communication with the public and put a lot of work into them.  They can carry exceptionally well-posed statements of current issues.

If you see an event that you think I should know about but is not on the website please let me know.  Ditto if you know of a site I ought to be monitoring but does not appear on my list of sources.

I would appreciate your mentioning this list to people with compatible interests.

-- Fred Hapgood

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Selected Groups, Clubs, Societies, & Meetups
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Monday, August 21

1 - 3p.  "Solar Eclipse Viewing at the MIT Wallace Observatory."   MIT Wallace Astrophysical Observatory.   Details, Abstract, RSVP.  Children encouraged to attend.   This event will be streamed.

1 - 3p.  "Eclipse Viewing."   Parts and Crafts:  Conway Field.   Details.   Please bring your own glasses.

1p.  "View the Partial Solar Eclipse."   Arnold Arboretum, Bussey Hill.   Details.

1:30p.  "Solar Eclipse 2017: Observing on Campus."   Amanda S. Bosh.   Kresge Oval, outside the Student Center.   Details, Abstract.   Observing Tips.

Tuesday, August 22

4:15p.  "Cloning an Old Specimen: Is Air-layering the Solution?"   Robert Dowell.   Arnold Arboretum, Maple Collection.   Details, Abstract.

6p.  "Patient Innovators - Diabetes."   Cambridge Innovation Center (11th Floor), 1 Broadway.   Details.

6p.  "State of Charge – The Massachusetts Energy Storage Initiative."   Mike Berlinski, Director, Emerging Technologies, Customized Energy Solutions..   National Grid, Rooms: Valley A&B, 40 Sylvan Rd, Waltham.     Details.

Wednesday, August 23

6p.  "Bayesian Statistics, Deep Nets, PyMC, and Theano."   Eric Ma.   O'Reilly Media, 2 Avenue De Lafayette.   Details, Abstract.

Thursday, August 24

10:30a.  "Early Explorers."   Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill St, Mattapan.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

10:30a.  "Trail Detectives' Club."   Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill St, Mattapan.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

5:30p.  "Naturally Occurring Off-Switches for CRISPR-Cas9."   Patty Rohs.   Harvard:  26 Oxford St, Rm 440.   Details.

6:30p.  "The Discovery of Insulin."   A BosLab Book Club Meetup.   BosLab, 339R Summer St, Somerville.   Details.

Friday, August 25

12:10p.  "Processes Underlying Patterns of Phylogenetic Regionalization."   Barnabas Daru.   Arnold Arboretum:  Weld Hill.   Details.

2p.  "Multimodal and Deep Learning for Robust Speech Recognition."   Xue Feng.   MIT:  32-D463.   Details, Abstract.

Saturday, August 26

10a.  "Boston Area Beekeepers Association Open Hives."   Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill St, Mattapan.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

7:30 - 10p.  "Sea the Stars Cruise."   Museum of Science.   Details, Abstract.

Wednesday, August 30

2p.  "A Chemical Odor Map in the Cortex."   Stanislav Pashkovski.   HMS:  Cannon Room, Building C, 240 Longwood Avenue.   Details.

Thursday, August 31

11:30a.  "Patterning and Morphing Control by Fluid Flows."   Karen Alim.   Harvard:  Maxwell Dworkin G125.   Details, Abstract.

Tuesday, September 5

10:30 - 6p.  "Circuits and Cereal."   MIT Museum.   Details.

12:30p.  "Using Systems Approaches for Studying Disease."   Nevan Krogan.   Brandeis:  TBA.   Details.

4p.  "Protein Self-Assembly in the Cell: Spatial and temporal control through membrane localization."   Margaret Johnson.   Brandeis:  Abelson 131.   Details, Abstract.

7p.  "Healthier: Fifty Thoughts on the Foundations of Population Health."   Sandro Galea.   Harvard Coop, 1400 Mass Ave.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Wednesday, September 6

4p.  "Bio-Inspiration for Flight Through Cluttered Environments: pigeon short-range visual navigation."   Andrew Biewener.   Harvard:  Maxwell Dworkin G115.   Details, Abstract.

6p.  "Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body."   Daniel Goleman and Richard J. Davidson.   Brattle Theater.   Details, Abstract, Tickets.

6:30p.  "Harmony in Health: Music and Medical Education."   A conversation.   Le Laboratoire Cambridge, 650 East Kendall Street.   Details, RSVP.

Thursday, September 7

2:50p.  "Automatically Scalable Computation."   Margo Seltzer.   Tufts:  Halligan 102.   Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Surveying Evolutionary Biology the Swedish Way: Bringing Experts Together at the University of Gothenburg."   Scott Edwards.   Harvard:  BioLabs 1080, 16 Divinity Ave.   Details, Abstract.

5p.  "Graph Coloring: Local and Global."   Noga Alon.   Harvard:  Askwith Hall.  Details, Abstract.

September 9 - 10.  "New England Fall Astronomy Festival."   University of New Hampshire Observatory.   Details.

Saturday, September 9

7:30 - 10p.  "Sea the Stars Cruise."   Museum of Science.   Details, Abstract.

Sunday, September 10

9 - Noon.  "Nahant Coastal BioBlitz."   A citizen science event.   Northeastern University Marine Science Center, 430 Nahant Road, Nahant.   Details, Abstract.

September 7:30a - 3:30p.  "Cell & Gene Therapy."   A conference.   Hyatt Regency Boston, 1 Avernue de Lafayette. Details, Abstract, Tickets.

Monday, September 11

Noon.  "Emotional Modulation of the Neural Systems Supporting Episodic Memory."   Maureen Ritchey.   BU:  610 Commonwealth Ave., Rm 610.   Details.

1p.  "Towards a 'Foresightful Innovation'."   Ozcan Saritas.   MIT:  E15 - Bartos Theater.   Details, Abstract.

5:30 - 8:30p.  "Cloud Computing for Molecular Modeling."   A panel discussion.   Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, 250 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge.   Details.

September 12 - 14.   "IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference."   Westin-Waltham Hotel, Waltham, MA.   Details, Abstract.

Tuesday, September 12

4p.  "How Co-Transcriptional Processes Transmogrify the 'Central Dogma'."   Karla Neugebauer.   Neugebauer Lab.   MIT:  32-123.   Details.

4p.  "Imaging All the Sky All the Time in Search of Radio Exoplanets."   Gregg Hallinan.   MIT:  Marlar Lounge 37-252.   Details, Abstract.

5:30 - 8p.  "Emerging Applications of Blockchain for Supply Chains."   A conference.   MIT:  Stata Center.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

7p.  "Clouds, Chemistry, and Climate Change: Why Our Current Climate Is What It Is."   Daniel Czisco.   Belmont Public Library, 336 Concord Ave, Belmont.   Details, Abstract.

Wednesday, September 13

1p.  "The Effect of Stress on Reward-Related Activity in Adolescents."   Sarah Hope Lincoln.   Harvard:  Northwest 243.   Details.

4p.  "The NeuroLaw Revolution."   Francis X. Shen.   HLS:  Milstein East A (2036), Wasserstein Hall, 1585 Massachusetts Ave.   Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Values and Medicine."   Kay Redfield Jamison.   HMS:  The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center Amphitheater, 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur.   Details, Abstract, RSVP.*

4:30p.  "How Religious Disciplines Impact Human Health."   A panel discussion.   BUSPH:  72 East Concord, Hiebert Lounge.   Details, Abstract, Registration.   This event will be streamed.

Thursday, September 14

6p.  "Darwin’s Backyard: How Small Experiments Led to a Big Theory."   James T. Costa.   Harvard:  Geological Lecture Hall, 24 Oxford St.   Details, Abstract.

6p.  "The 27th First Annual Ig® Nobel Prize Ceremony & Lectures."   Harvard:  Sanders Theater.   Details, Abstract.   This event will be webcast and archived on YouTube.

7p.  "Extreme Events and Climate Change: What We Know and What We Can Do."   Ellen Marie Douglas.   New England Aquarium:  Simons IMAX.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Friday, September 15

10:30a.  "Secure Search in the Cloud: homomorphic encryption meets coresets."   Adi Akavia.   MIT:  32-G882.   Details, Abstract.

1:30p.  "Wrangling Data into Maps."   Jeff Blossum.   Harvard:  Training Workshops, Northwest Building.   Details, Abstract.

Saturday, September 16

10:30 - Noon.  "Owls!"   Harvard Museum of Natural History.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

1p.  "The Ig Informal Lectures."   MIT:  TBA.   Details.

Monday, September 18

12:10p.  "The Role of Gene and Genome Duplications in Network Evolution."   Pat Edger.   Arnold Arboretum:  Weld Hill.   Details.

6p.  "Two Ways of Knowing: Creating Ancient Maya History through Inscriptions and Archaeology."   Simon Martin.   Harvard:  Geological Lecture Hall.   Details, Abstract.

6:15p.  "The Interactions of Buildings."   Les Norford.   BU:  CAS, 685-725 Commonwealth Ave, Room 315.   Details, Abstracts.

Tuesday, September 19

4p.  "A Molecular Arms Race: The Immune System Versus HIV."   Pamela Bjorkman.   MIT:  32-123.   Details.

6p.  "Cracking Bones, Gnawing Flesh, and Pondering Hearts: Body, Mind, and Medicine in Ancient Mesopotamia."   Ulrike Steinart.   Harvard:  Geological Lecture Hall.   Details, Abstract.

Wednesday, September 20

7p.  "Beyond Test Scores."   Jack Schneider.   Harvard Coop, 1400 Massachusetts Ave.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Thursday, September 21

4p.  "Cognitive and Communicative Abilities of Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus)."   Irene Pepperberg.   Harvard:  Biological Labs Lecture Hall, Room 1080, 16 Divinity Avenue.   Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Reducing Emissions by Pricing Carbon: How Microsoft and Yale are leading the charge."   A panel discussion.   BU:  Metcalf Trustee Center, 9th flr, 1 Silber Way.   Details, Abstract, RSVP.

4p.  "Saving the Synapse: Developmental critical periods and Alzheimer's disease."   Kate Wassum.   MIT:  46-3002.   Details.

7:30p.  "We Have No Idea: A Guide to the Unknown Universe."   Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson.   Center for Astrophysics, Phillips Auditorium, 60 Garden St.   Details, Abstract.

Friday, September 22

8:15-6:45p.  "Therapeutic Organ Engineering."   A symposium.   HMS:  Joseph B. Martin Conference Center, 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur.   Details, Abstract.

Monday, September 25

7p.  "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb."   A Coolidge Science on Screen event.   Muhamet Yildiz of MIT will discuss game theory.   Coolidge Corner Theater, 290 Harvard St.   Details.

Tuesday, September 26

4p.  "How AI Makes Us More Human."   A panel discussion.   OpenView Venture Partners, 303 Congress St #701.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

4p.  "Tracking Planet Footprints in Dusty Disks."   Catherine Espaillat.   MIT:  37-252.   Details, Abstract.

6p.  "Tales of the Moche Kings and Queens: Elite Burials from the North Coast of Peru."   Jeffrey Quilter.   Harvard:  Geological Lecture Hall.   Details.

Thursday, September 28

7p.  "Climate Change along the Western Antarctic Peninsula."   Scott Doney.   NE Aquarium:  Simons IMAX Theater.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

*Admission to buildings in Harvard's medical area often requires ID issued by a "Harvard Medical School Affiliate".  A list of these institutions can be consulted here.  Persons interested in events in the medical area that are not explicitly public, do not invite registration, have sponsors with whom they have no experience, and who are unsure if their ID will guarantee access, might want to email the person cited in the details page and ask.  Inquiries directed at the HMS Dept of Genetics should be emailed to (or call 617-432- 7666) at least one day before the event.  Inquiries pertaining to events at Harvard's New Research Building should be directed to Karen Barry at  Events in the Longwood medical area that do not carry an asterisk have announced explicitly that they are open to the general public.