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I suggest thinking of this list as a species of journalism.  Scan for topics of interest; when and if one is found, explore that interest first by looking at the abstract (if one is linked to the talk), the speaker's personal webpage, and the webpage of his laboratory or research group.  (Researchers often see these as their preferred medium of communication with the public and put a lot of work into them.)  If these do not exhaust your interest you might even consider attending the talk itself.  I do post lectures that have none of these resources and I sometimes include events of interest outside this focus -- such as Hackathons, DIY workshops, and events for young people.

The list can be accessed in two ways: as a website and a mailing list.  The website carries events for the next month (roughly).  I add to it several times a week.  The mailing list goes out once a week, usually Sunday nights, and carries events for the next eight days.  You can subscribe and/or unsubscribe by dropping a note to   If you do not receive the list after subscribing that is probably because your mailer thinks the list is spam and is bouncing it.   If you can whitelist the list please do.   Adding to your contacts list might work.  If all else fails I invite you to send me an alternate email or resort to the website.

Caveats: The list is not remotely comprehensive and selection criteria are subjective.  I tend to include events that offer a physical speaker and accommodate physical attendance, but unusually interesting webinars might slip in.  Continuing or ongoing events like exhibits or courses and meetups with no special focus are not well handled.  Activity falls considerably over the summer and winter holidays.  The list goes on vacation towards the ends of June and December.

In particular: This is a volatile landscape.  Many events are announced at the last minute.  (Some of these get posted to the website, but not many make the weekly mailing.)  Dates and locales and lecture topics change.  Errors are introduced at every stage of the process.   I correct those I find out about, but of course sometimes my error-checking introduces a new set of errors.   I strongly urge you to doublecheck the "Details" link before you head out, not that that guarantees anything.

Blue boxes represent all events advertised as child-friendly; yellow boxes, multi-day events.  I occasionally link to the site of the speaker's lab.  If you see an event that you think I should know about but is not on the website please let me know.  Ditto if you know of a site I ought to be monitoring but does not appear on my list of sources.

I would appreciate your mentioning this list to people with compatible interests.

-- Fred Hapgood

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Selected Groups, Clubs, Societies, & Meetups
Selected New England Museums
DIY-focused organizations & resources

November 11-15.  "Eleventh International Conference on Atomic and Molecular Data and Their Applications."   Sheraton Commander Hotel, Cambridge.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

November 12-13.  "Program for Sustainable Infrastructure Workshop: Innovations for a Sustainable Infrastructure."   HBS:  Cumnock Hall 102, 33 Harvard Way.   Details, Abstract.

Monday, November 12

Noon.  "Digital Resistance: How the Internet Facilitates Responses to Racial Microaggression."   Robert Eschmann.   BU:  96 Cummington Hall, Rm. SOC241.   Details, Abstract.

Noon.  "Mechanisms of Synapse Maintenance and Axon Regeneration."   Yishi Jin.   Brandeis:  121.   Details.

12:15p.  "Cultures of Nuclear Security: How Different Countries Decide How to Protect their Nuclear Facilities."   Matthew Bunn.   Harvard:  CGIS South S050, 1730 Cambridge Street.   Details, RSVP.

7p.  "From Low and Slow Smoking to High Heat Wok Cooking: Explore the Transfer of Heat and Application of Fire and Smoke. No Mirrors."   Tiffani Faison.   Harvard Science Center C.   Details.

Tuesday, November 13

10a.  "Tropy: Research Photo Management for Librarians and Archivists."   Abby Mullen.   Northeastern:  440 Egan.   Details, RSVP.

11a.  "How Exercise and Social Interactions Help Us Promote Brain Health: A focus on Parkinson's Disease."   Michael Zigmond.   McLean:  deMarneffe 132.   Details.

11a.  "Insect-Scale Mechanisms: from flying robots to piezoelectric fans."   Noah Jafferis.   MIT:  32-G449.  Details, Abstract.

Noon.  "Bad Apples: a new disease and its impacts, farm to fork."   Megan Biango-Daniels.   Harvard:  Herbarium 125.   Details, Abstract.

Noon.  "Economics of Blockchain Technology and Crypto Finance."   Gary Gensler.   MIT:  3-370.   Details, Abstract, RSVP.

Noon.  "How Problems Constrain the Search for Their Solutions."   Junyi Chu.   MIT:  46-3189.   Details, Abstract.

Noon.  "How Stellar Feedback and Cosmic Rays Shape Galaxies and their Halos."   Tsang Keung Chan.   Center for Astrophysics:  Phillips Auditorium.   Details.

Noon.  "Insect Flight: From Newton's Law to Neurons."   Jane Wang.   Harvard:  BioLabs 1080.  Details, Abstract.

Noon.  "Physics-Informed Learning Machines for Physical Systems."   George Karniadakis.   MIT:  3-370.   Details, Abstract.

Noon.  "Re-Engineering Humanity."   Brett Frischmann.   HLS:  Wasserstein 2036.   Details, Abstract, RSVP.   This event will be streamed and archived.

Noon.  "Tropy: Research Photo Management for Faculty."   Abby Mullen.   Northeastern:  440 Egan.  Details, RSVP.

12:30p.  "Molecular Genetic Mechanisms Regulating Synapses and Axon Regeneration."   Yishi Jin.   Brandeis:  Gerstenzang 121.   Details.

1p.  "Avoiding Dystopia: User privacy preferences and empowerment online."   Jennifer Golbeck.   MIT:  32-G449.   Details, Abstract.

1p.  "Makwande! Increasing Africa’s Presence on Wikipedia."   Daniel Bogre Udell.   BU:  745 Comonwealth Ave., Room B24.   Details, Abstract, RSVP.

2p.  "How New Designs are Making Great Strides in Exoskeletons."   A panel discussion.   A webcast.   Details, Abstract.

2:30p.  "Bayesian Inference in Generative Models."   Luke Hewitt and Maddie Cusimano.   MIT:  46-3189.   Details, Abstract.

3:30p.  "Polymer Genome: An Informatics Platform for Rational Polymer Dielectrics Design and Beyond."   Rampi Ramprasad.   Ramprasad Group MIT:  66-110.   Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Actuating a Memory: how C. elegans remembers a learned behaviorial preference."   Daniel Colón-Ramos.   MIT:  32-123.   Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Can Nuclear Energy Thrive in a Carbon-Constrained World? – Findings from a new MIT study."   Jacopo Buongiorno.   Lincoln Lab:  Main Cafeteria, 244 Wood St., Lexington.   Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Risk Prediction to Therapy in Genetic Predisposition to Breast Cancer."   Susan Domchek.   Jimmy Fund Auditorium, 35 Binney St.   Details.

4-9p.  "Women & Girls in STEM 3.0 Networking and Mentoring Evening."   Museum of Science, 1 Science Park.   Details, Abstract.

5:30p.  "Research and Innovation in India: What holds it back?"   Varun Aggarwal.   MIT:  4-237.   Details.

6p.  "Accelerating Drug Discovery through the Power of Microscopy Images."   Anne Carpenter.   Broad Institute, 415 Main St.   Details, Abstract.

6p.  "Augmented Reality: Exploring Impactful and Creative Uses of AR."   Brookline Interactive Group, 46 Tappan St., Brookine.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

6p.  "Bedside Manner: Exploring Empathy and the Doctor/Patient Relationship."   A screening and discussion.   Museum of Medical History, 2 North Grove St.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

6:30p.  "Data Visualization Across Disciplines."   Michelle Borkin.   Audible, 101 Main St., Cambridge.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

6:30p.  "The Geometric Basis of Structure and Motion."   Ileana Streinu and Ciprian S. Borcea.   Belmont Media Center.   Details, Abstract.

7:30p.  "The Fashion-Forward Treehopper and the Evolution of Novelty."   Cera Fisher, PhD Candidate, University of Connecticut.   Harvard:  MCZ 101.   Details.

November 14-15.   "2018 MIT Research and Development Conference."   MIT:  Kresge Auditorium.   Details.

Wednesday, November 14

10:30a.  "Early Explorers."   Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill St., Mattapan. Details, Abstract, Registration.

Noon.  "A History from the Bottom of the Sea: Fish, Microfossils, Marine Ecosystems, and Global Change."   Elizabeth Siebert.   MIT:  54-915.   Details, Abstract.

1:30p.  "Impact of Online Education on Campus Education."   Willem van Valkenburg.   MIT:  1-390.  Details.

2:30p.  "Urban Food Security in the Age of Vulnerability: The Singapore story."   Md. Saidul Islam.   MIT:  66-360.   Details.

4p.  "Autism Heterogeneity: genetic insights and next steps."   Elise Robinson.   MIT:  46-3002.   Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Early Pathways to Life: Mechanisms to Molecular Evolution and Homochirality."   Oliver Trapp.   Harvard:  Geological Museum, Haller Hall.   Details.

4p.  "Where We Stand in Earthquake Prediction."   (Also advertised as "Effects of the Earth Surface on the Dynamics of Earthquakes.")   Marine A. Denole.   Harvard:  Knafel Center, 10 Garden St.   Details, Abstract.

4:15p.  "Linking Heterogeneous Climate Policies (Consistent with the Paris Agreement)."   Michael Mehling and Gilbert Metcalf.   HKS:  Littauer 382.   Details.

5:30p.  "Climate, Pollution, and Economic Growth in Human History: New Results from the Historical Ice Core Project."   Harvard:  CGIS South, Tsai Auditorium, 1730 Cambridge St.   Details, Abstract.

6p.  "Exploring New Worlds: An Odyssey to Humanity 2.0."   Julien de Wit.   Harvard Club:  Back Bay Clubhouse.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

6p.  "Origins of the Green Revolution: Hybrid Seeds, Hunger, and Mexico-India Cooperation."   Gabriela Soto Laveaga.   Harvard:  Geological Lecture Hall.   Details, Abstract.

6p.  "Using Familiar Foods to Unlock Mysteries of the Microbiome."   Ben Wolfe.   Tufts:  Cabot Intercultural Center, ASEAN Auditorium.   Details, Abstract, RSVP.

6:30p.  "The Robotics Revolution: How robotic technology will disrupt all market sectors, major corporations and global civilization in the next 20 years."   TBA.   Olin College of Engineering:  1000 Olin Way, Needham.   Details.

7p.  "Brains and Bodies: How to Make Smarter Robots."   HMS:  Armenise Auditorium, 200 Longwood.   Details.   This event will be streamed and archived.

7p.  "Diversity and Plasticity of Life: A Biologist’s Journey from Embryo Self-Defense to Sexual Behavior."   Karen Warkentin.   Warkentin Lab.   BU:  Tsai Performance Center, 685 Commonwealth Avenue.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

7p.  "Our (Super)human Brains."   Rachel Herz and Joel Salinas.   Museum of Science:  Cahners Theater.   Details, Abstract, Tickets.

7:15p.  "Great Old Ones -- What the Most Ancient Stars Can Tell Us about the Early Universe."   Anna Frebel.   MIT:  2-190.   Details, Abstract.

7:30p.  "The Truth is the Whole: Essays in Honor of Richard Levins."   MIT:  32-141.   Details, Abstract.

November 15-16.  "MIT Water Summit 2018: Thirsty Cities."   MIT:  E51-115.   Details, Abstract, Tickets.

Thursday, November 15

11a.  "Adaptive Parameter Selection for Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease."   Mohammad Daneshzand.   Brandeis:  Volen 201.   Details.

11a.  "Interpreting Dwarf Galaxies."   Alyson Brooks.   Center for Astrophysics:  ITC Colloquium.   Details.

Noon.  "Brain Stimulation/TMS."   Linda Carpenter.   McLean Hospital:  Service Bldg, Pierce Hall.   Details.

Noon.   "In Search of 'Safe Enough': Quantifying the Probability of a Nuclear Reactor Accident."   Thomas Wellock.   Tufts:  Curtis Hall, Multi-Purpose Room.   Details.

Noon.  "Principles and Trends in Quantum Nano-Electronics and Nano-Magnetics for Beyond-CMOS Computing."   Ian Young.   MIT:  34-401.   Details, Abstract.

Noon.  "The Enigma of an Impossible Balance: Studying the Jungle in a Country at War."   Claudia Leal.   Harvard:  Science Center 469.   Details.

3p.  "Finding Similar Items Under Edit Distance."   Sam McCauley.   Tufts:  Halligan 102.   Details.

3p.  "Spatial Storytelling in Urban Studies and History."   Nil Tuzcu.   Northeastern:  102 West Village G.   Details, Abstract.

3:30p.  "Long-Distance Electrical Signals in Arabidopsis Leaves."   Ted Farmer.   Harvard:  BioLabs 1080.   Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Engineering Human Tissues for Medical Impact."   Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic.   MIT:  32-141.   Details.

4p.  "What is Optimal in Adaptive Decision-making? A Complexity-based Perspective."   Joshua Gold.   MIT:  46-3002.   Details, Abstract.

4:30p.  "Visualizing Geo/Spatial Phenomena: a spatial cognition perspective."   Arzu Çöltekin.   Northeastern:  102 West Village G.   Details, Abstract.

5:30p.  "The Lead Summit at Harvard: Revolutionary Discoveries in Lead Pollution and Health Impacts."   Harvard Yard:  Boylston Hall, Fong Auditorium.   Details, Abstract.

6p.  "MIT Water Innovation Prize - Kickoff Dinner."   MIT:  E14, 6th flr.  Details, Abstract, RSVP.

6:30p.  "Dark Matter and Other Cosmic Mysteries."   Julian B. Munoz.   Belmont Media Center:    Details.

6:30p.  "Glass Art."   Spencer Finch.   MIT:  6-120.   Details.

7p.  "Speak for Yourself: The Wisdom of Preparing an Occupational Living Will."   Kirk Daffner.   BWH:  Bornstein Amphitheater, 45 Francis Street.   Details.

7p.  "WGBH BostonTalks: Robots."   A panel discussion.   WGBH Educational Foundation, 1 Guest St., Brighton.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

7:30p.  "Early Science from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS)."   Sam Quinn.   Center for Astrophysics:  Phillips Auditorium.   Details, Abstract.

Friday, November 16

Noon.   "Behavioral Characterization of Non-Human Primates for Autism."   Rogier Landman.   MIT:  46-6011.   Details, Abstract.

Noon.   "Learning and Flexibility for Water Supply Infrastructure Planning under uncertainty."   Sarah Fletcher.   MIT:  Parsons 316.   Details, Abstract.

Noon.  "Planetary Archaeology: A Search for Transiting Planets Orbiting Evolved Stars."   Sam Grunblatt.   Center for Astrophysics:  Phillips Auditorium.   Details.

Noon.  "The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age."   Catherine Steiner-Adair.   MIT:  66-144.   Details, Abstract.

5:30p.  "How is Genesis Compatible with Science?"   Sarah Byers.   MIT:  4-163.   Details.

6p.  "Joaquin Fuster."   One of a series inspired by the Ramon y Cajal exhibition.   MIT:  46-3189.   Details, Abstract.

7p.  "What is Cognitive Science?"   A meetup.   Democracy Center, 45 Mount Auburn St.   Details, Abstract.

November 17-18.  "Climate, Biodiversity, and Survival."   A conference.   Harvard:  Geological Lecture Hall.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

November 17-18.  "Public Defense Hackathon."   Suffolk University:   73 Tremont St. Room 5070.   Details, RSVP.   When RSVPing, please specify your platform.

Saturday, November 17

4p.  "Give a Hoot about Owls."   Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill St., Mattapan. Details, Abstract, Registration.

Noon.  "Paper Circiuts."   MIT Museum.   Details.

2p.  "Spotlight Tour: The Beautiful Brain."   Amy Robinson Sterling.   MIT Museum, 265 Massachusetts Ave.   Details.

2p.  "What Nature Sounds Are Music?"   David Rothenburg.   Arnold Arboretum:  Hunnewell Bldg.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

6:30-9p.  "Knotty Beers and Gears."   MIT Museum.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Sunday, November 18

Noon.  "Paper Circuits."   MIT Museum.   Details.

1p.  "Nature Walk."   Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill St., Mattapan.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Monday, November 19

Noon.  "Density Fluctuations in Strange Metals."   Peter Abbamonte.   MIT:  4-331.   Details, Abstract.

3p.  "Autonomous Vehicles: Exciting Opportunities, but Daunting Challenges."   Christopher A. Hart.   MIT:  32-141.   Details, Abstract.

Tuesday, November 20

Noon.  "From Mechanisms of Neurogenesis to Neural Repair."   Magdalena Götz.   Harvard:  BioLabs 1080.   Details.

12:30p.  "The Kepler Smear Campaign."   Benjamin Pope.   MIT:  54-517.   Details, Abstract.

5:30p.  "A Brief History of Spotify: R&D Department for the Entire Music Industry."   Gustav Söderström.   MIT:  32-155.   Details, Abstract.

6p.  "The Physics of Energy."   Robert Jaffe and Washington Taylor.   MIT Press Bookstore, 301 Massachusetts Ave.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Wednesday, November 21

6:30p.  "Software in a Decentralized and Distributed World, with Hardware at the Edge."   Brian DeLacey.   MIT:  E51-315.   Details, Abstract.

Friday, November 23

1p.  "Friday After Thanksgiving Chain Reaction."   MIT:  Rockwell Cage Gymnasium.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Saturday, November 24

Noon.  "Kinetic Sculptures."   MIT Museum.   Details.

1p.  "Why Did the Turkey Cross the Road?"   A basic course about turkeys.   Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill Rd., Mattapan.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Sunday, November 25

Noon.  "Kinetic Sculptures."   MIT Museum.   Details.

Monday, November 26

7p.  "Taxi Driver."   A Coolidge Science on Screen event.   Michael Rosbash will discuss the science issues touched on by the movie.   Coolidge Corner Theater.   Details, Abstract, Tickets.

November 27-28.  "iMatSci Innovator Showcase."   Hynes Convention Center.   Details, Abstract.

Tuesday, November 27

Noon.  "Computer Simulations to Enhance Vaccine Trials."   Marc Lipsitch.   HLS:  Wasserstein 2036.   Details, Abstract, RSVP.   This event will be streamed and archived.

4p.  "Watching Ribosomes Assemble."   Jamie Williamson.   MIT:  32-123.   Details.

6:30p.  "The War on Science: What We Need to Do."   Andrew Rosenberg.   Belmont Media Center, 9 Lexington St., Belmont.   Details.

7p.  "Defending Planet Earth from Asteroids."   Victoria Friedensen and Lindley Johnson.   Museum of Science:  Skyline Room.   Details.

Wednesday, November 28

10:30a.  "Early Explorers."   Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill St., Mattapan. Details, Abstract, Registration.

2p.  "Blockchains and Trusted Execution Environments: Towards a New Security Paradigm."   Fan Zhang.   MIT:  32-G449.   Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Prefrontal-striatal Interactions in Social Learning, and Beyond."   Ilana Witten.   MIT:  46-3002.   Details.

4p.  "Re-Engineering Life: Tissue Engineering in Health and the Environment."   BU:  Howard Eichenbaum Colloquium Room, 610 Commonwealth Avenue.   Details, Abstract, RSVP.

6p.  "Dyslexia and Creativity."   Sally Taylor and Nadine Gaab.   Le Laboratoire, 655 East Kirkland St.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

6:30p.  "Lessons from the Liver: Uncovering Novel Approaches for Regenerative Medicine."   Kristin Knouse.   Aeronaut, 14 Tyler St, Somerville.   Details.

7p.  "Sex, Science, and the State: The Role of Science in Sexual Reproductive Health and Policymaking."   HMS:  Armenise Auditorium, 200 Longwood Ave, Boston.   Details.   This event will be streamed and archived.

Thursday, November 29

Noon.  "Paranoia: From Psychiatry to Everyday Life."   Leonardo Tonda.   McLean Hospital:  Service Building, Pierce Hall.   Details.

3p.  "Reliable Decision-Support using Counterfactual Models."   Peter Schulam.   Tufts:  Halligan 102.   Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Integrating Optics, Microfluidics, and Genomics to Understand How Genes and Cells Work."   Paul Blainey.   MIT:  32-141.   Details.

4p.  "The Neural Fingerprints of a Missing Hand: from phantoms to artificial limbs."   Tamar Makin.   Plasticity Lab.   MIT:  46-3002.   Details, Abstract.

5p.  "Skewed or Rescued?: The Emerging Theory of Algorithmic Fairness."   Cynthia Dwork.   HKS:  Taubman 520 A, B and C.   Details, Abstract.

6p.  MIT Press announces three publications in its Essential Knowledge Series:   "Carbon Capture" by Howard J. Herzog, "Extremism" by J.M. Berger, and "Haptics" by Lynette A. Jones.   MIT Press Bookstore:  301 Massachusetts Ave.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

6p.  "The Ghosts of Gombe."   Dale Peterson.   Harvard:  Geological Lecture Hall, 24 Oxford St.   Details, Abstract.

Friday, November 30

8:30a.  "A Chemist Looks at the Microbiome."   Jon Clardy.   Microbial Sciences:  24 Oxford St., Classroom 375, Cambridge.   Details.

4p.  "Perceiving What We Cannot Sense: Insights from 3D vision."   Ari Rosenberg.   MIT:  46-3002.   Details, Abstract.

7p.  "The Empathy Effect: Seven Neuroscience-Based Keys for Transforming the Way We Live, Love, Work, and Connect Across Differences," by Helen Riess and "Empathy: A History," by Susan Lanzoni.   Harvard Book Store, 1256 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge.   Details.

Saturday, December 1

10:30a.  "Meet the First People of the Kalahari."   Peabody Museum.   Details, Abstract, Registration.   This event will be repeated at 1p.

9a.  "Tree Study Part 1: Inside and Outside Trees"   and "Model Making".   An Arboretum for Educators event.   Arnold Arboretum.   Details, Registration.

9:30a.  "Drawing Birds in Colored Pencil."   Erica Beade.   Harvard Museum of Natural History.   Details.

Sunday, December 2

10:30a.  "Animal Adaptations."   Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill St., Mattapan.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Monday, December 3

12:10p.  "Embracing the Complexity of Nature: genomic approaches for understanding the development and evolution of forest trees."   Andrew Groover.   Arnold Arboretum:  Weld Hill.   Details.   This event will be streamed.

Tuesday, December 4

7p.  "The Ethics of Species Conservation."   Ronald Sandler.   Arnold Arboretum:  Hunnewell Bldg.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Wednesday, December 5

8-6p.  "Symposium on Blockchain for Robotic Systems."   MIT:  Media Lab.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Thursday, December 6

4p.  "The Secret Life of Quarks."   William Detmold.   MIT:  10-250.   Details, Abstract.

6p.  "Designing an Internet."   David D. Clark and Josephine Wolff.   MIT Press Bookstore, 301 Massachusetts Ave.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

7-10:30.  "Practical Online Virtual Reality in Higher Education."   Brookline Interactive Group, 46 Tappan St., Brookine.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Saturday, December 8

1:30p.  "Invisible Life: Exploring the World through Microscopes."   Scott Chimileski and Amy Gunzelmann.   Harvard Museum of Natural History.   Details, Abstract.

Sunday, December 9

1p.  "Family Bird Walk."   Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill St., Mattapan.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

Monday, December 10

2p.  "Safe Passwords Made Easy to Use."   Nikola K. Blanchard.   MIT:  32-G882.   Details, Abstract.

6:30p.  "Are Humans Evolved to Run? Why? (and how much) exercise is good for our health."   Daniel Lieberman.   Burren, 247 Elm St, Somerville.   Details.

Tuesday, December 11

Noon.  "The Biology of Complex Social Behavior."   Michael Platt.   Harvard:  BioLabs 1080.   Details.

Wednesday, December 12

7p.  "The Part of Cognitive Science that is Philosophy."   A meetup.   Democracy Center, 45 Mount Auburn St.   Details.

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